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Catherine "Kitty" Turner

Catherine "Kitty" Turner

Founder and CEO

Kitty Turner’s dynamite combination of talent and bulletproof professionalism is what sets her apart as a business strategist, direct publisher, and author. As a Caribbean travel writer, she has contributed to top publications including The Tradewinds, Caribbean Compass, Conde Nast Caribbean Travel & Live, What To Do Virgin Islands, and Onboard Magazine. Before moving to the Reno area and founding the marketing and publishing company Daily House, she spent over a decade as a database administrator, computer programmer, and data analyst.

Corrine Casanova

Corrine Casanova

Founder and Executive Editor

Corrine Casanova has 18 years of experience in traditional publishing as an acquisitions editor and developmental editor for several major publishing companies. Her love for words and storytelling came early and never went away. When it comes to the nonfiction books, she has collaborated with best-selling authors including Patrick Carnes, Robert Weiss, Claudia Black, Stephanie Covington and many more. Corrine is your guide to navigating the world of publishing.

Catherine Oaks

Catherine Oaks

Founder and CMO

Catherine Oaks has an MBA in marketing and twenty years of global marketing experience. She is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural marketer with a wide range of experience and unique creative flair who held executive roles in companies in the hospitality, event solutions, and entertainment fields. She won several business and design awards including best startup in Northern Nevada in 2007. Catherine is a webmaster, a certified social media manager, SEO expert, marketing strategist, web developer, and graphic designer.

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Corrine Casanova, sincere and sensitive, has been instrumental in the development and content editing of the revisions to my work. Her guidance in the publishing world, and helping me navigate the twists and turns, made me feel like someone absolutely had my back.

~ Ross Rosenberg, co-dependency expert and author of The Human Magnet Syndrome

Kitty Turner is pure magic! ~ Jennifer Knowles, author of What to Do

Catherine Oaks is a very unique and special marketer who can help identify opportunities for improvement in traditional and digital media. She is both gracious and graceful in providing innovative insight others may overlook. Forever hardworking and constantly motivated to excel. If you are looking for that quintessential person to complement your business or marketing endeavors, Catherine is the one!

~ Russel Johnson, partner at Mike McCoy & Partners LLC

I had NO idea the volume of work and emotion it would take to get this written, I am so grateful for you pushing me, pointing things out, pushing me some more, and making me be the best version of my writing self.

~ Jenn Taylor, motivational speaker and author of Hello, My Name is…Warrior Princess

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