Do you have a unique idea for a book but no idea how to turn it into a bestseller? Look no further—you found your guides.

Daily House’s team of editorial, production, and marketing experts will evaluate your project, send you a custom assessment, and a next-steps plan. 

We make self-publishing profitable!

Do you have a unique idea for a book but no idea how to turn it into a bestseller? Look no further—you found your guides.

At no cost to you, Daily House’s team of editorial, production, and marketing experts will evaluate your project and send you a custom assessment and next-steps plan. To get started, fill out our short questionnaire.

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I highly recommend Corrine! She took the creative mess in my mind and strategically placed it in a cohesive, structured book outline. But the best part is she worked with my ideas and never tried to direct my creativity one way or the other.

Carla Romo

Dating and relationship coach, speaker, and author

Corrine is one of the best editors I know and has tons of experience in publishing.  She has a unique take on the industry and charges in increments which fits most peoples budgets better.  She is such a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be hard to navigate.  

Lauri Erickson

Founder at DEPTH / CEO of Project Pros

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Our Testimonials

I would like to send a special thank you to Kitty Turner and my brand experts who have been consistently pushing and helping me on my journey. From branding to social media, I have had to rethink the way I do things and forge a new way of marketing myself.

I am blessed to have a team who believes in me and wants to see me succeed. Yes, I’m a hard worker and will do what’s required, but I also realize that reaching #1 in 6 categories on Amazon could not have been possible without my team.

Jae Davis
Author of You Do What? The Ultimate Experiential Marketing Guide

When I was first challenged with writing a book I thought, “No way! I’m not a writer.” A friend recommended Corrine as a writing coach/editor. There was no way I wanted to do it alone, so I spoke to her. Holy cow! After a conversation, I knew it was possible with Corrine’s help.

Writing a book was challenging, and it’s something I recommend to everyone. It was a huge growth experience that I don’t believe would have happened without Corrine. She had a team of experts to help with proofreading, interior design and cover design. She made the process enjoyable with her positive outlook and constant support. The end result surpassed my wildest dreams, and I have a new friend for life!

Lauren Holder
Author of Why Not Now

Looking back, now 20 years gone and 10 books written since we first worked together, I think of you not only as an editor, but also as a teacher and guide. I remember learning “how to be concise” from you way back in the late 1990’s when you edited my early work for Hazelden.  

And I learned it! You again made my writer’s burden easier as editor of that work. I always find useful your thoughtful guidance and clarity.

Robert Weiss PhD, MSW
Seeking Integrity LLC, CEO

While Corrine was at Hazelden she was an executive producer in charge of several video projects I produced. She was an excellent client–organized and efficient and very good at managing people’s needs and expectations throughout a complex project. No matter how difficult the situation, she would know how to make it better. Her talents and personality make her an excellent addition to any team and I would highly recommend Corrine.

John Dehn
Producer, Director, Editor at Blue Moon Productions

Corrine Casanova, sincere and sensitive, has been instrumental in the development and content editing of my work. Her guidance in the publishing world, and her helping me navigate the twists and turns, made me feel like someone absolutely had my back.

Ross Rosenberg
Co-dependency expert and author of The Human Magnet Syndrome

I had NO idea the volume of work and emotion it would take to get this written. I am so grateful to you for pushing me, pointing things out, pushing me some more, and making me the best version of my writing self.

Jenn Taylor
Motivational speaker and author of Hello, My Name is…Warrior Princess

Corrine coaches with both kindness and the necessary feedback a writer must have.  She’s truly an author’s asset!

Kelly McDaniel, LPC

Author of Ready to Heal

Kitty Turner is Pure Magic!

Jennifer Knowles

Author of What To Do