Author Accelerator Program

    The best place to start is on solid ground. That’s why we’ve created the six-week Author Accelerator Program. Your outline is the blueprint to your book, consider it to be like the sturdy foundation of a building. Would construction companies consider building without a blueprint? Let’s hope not. The same goes with writing a book. The outline holds the structure of the book together. The strength of your book lies in its foundation. You don’t want cracks or gaping holes. By taking the time to build a strong foundation, you will save time and money in the process. This investment alone is worth its weight in gold and is affordable.

    Amazon #1 Bestseller Book Launch

    This managed program takes you from unpublished manuscript to #1 on multiple Amazon Best Seller Lists in three weeks. You get file uploads and quality assurance, launch branding, recruitment of your launch team through emails and social media, daily launch group management, coaching and scripts for videos, your choice of book promotion (giveaway or countdown), and analytics.

    Interior Book Formatting and Design for Print and eBooks

    With this package, you get beautifully formatted and easy-to-read books for both print and electronic distribution. Formatting and conversion is done in InDesign, the industry standard for book design by Adobe. Files are provided in PDF, INDD, ePub, and Mobi. Attention to typography and special details will make your book shine!

    Amazon Advertising Campaigns

    Amazon Advertising is the most strategic way to maintain the momentum of a successful book launch or revitalize lagging book sales.

    As your Amazon Advertising consultant and service provider, we research top sellers in your book’s category and similar categories, Hot & New lists for related titles, third-party lists on sources like BookBub and Goodreads, and other keyword search results. Once one thousand relevant long-tail keywords per campaigns have been generated, we create strategic bids for each keyword, write the ad copy for your sets, and run your campaigns.

    With this subscription package, we monitor the success of these highly targeted ads and provide you with monthly reports on ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) and many other metrics. Keywords, bids, budgets, and ads are adjusted regularly based on analytics.

    Author Websites

    Your premium author website includes:

    • An above-the-fold funnel featuring either a book cover or a headshot graphic and one call-to-action of your choice: coming soon, pre-order, or buy now
    • A second fold with your choice of a book trailer video, a review slider, or an “other products or services” slider
    • An author bio written by Daily House’s award-winning content creators and book marketing experts. Your bio fold will also include a headshot and links to your social media accounts
    • A book blurb of up to 800 words written specifically for your book or a comparable product. All content sections will be created through a proven interview process designed and used extensively by Kitty Turner
    • Add-in options include video production, email marketing integration, and blogging setup

    Online Courses

    Your eCourses will be professional, polished, and distinctly your own. According to Reuters, the eLearning market has accounted for $165.21 billion in revenue in 2017 and is expected to reach $275.10 billion by 2022. Online learning is a rapidly growing market but is also highly competitive. To thrive and get your piece of this immense cash flow, you must understand how to reach your audience and deliver your message in a precise and targeted way. 

    Your package includes:

    • Create the short list for possible courses to offer 
    • Interviews and validation process to narrow down the list and select the right course  
    • Course plan 
    • Clarify your message
    • Branding and copy
    • Create a course outline and design
    • Course scripts for videos
    • Select and implement your course platform. We’ve designed courses on both Teachable (hosted) and LearnDash (self-hosted on your own website). We will get to the heart of which is best for you. 
    • Video uploads
    • Lesson slides
    • PDF resources (worksheets, checklists, printables)
    • Editing
    • Testing to ensure an excellent student experience
    • Enable eCommerce and online tracking
    • Generating exposure using social media
    • Email marketing 
    • Course launch strategy and execution
    • Survey students and upsell to next course 

    Self-Publishing Support

    Beyond these packages, we offer many custom services. Schedule a free consultation for recommendations and a quote.

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