The Daily House Profitable Publishing Experience

The time to write your book is now.

At Daily House, we deliver the care and guidance that you expect from a traditional publisher but without the loss of royalties or artistic control.

Your personal book team includes coaches, acclaimed editors, and production and marketing geniuses that are dedicated to leveraging the latest best practices in engagement, marketing, and sales conversion.

We take you beyond the book and guide you to grow your business and profits with courses, digital products, speaking tours, and more. You get a publishing experience that produces ROI and measurable business results from your book.

Validate Your Book Idea – Complimentary

  • Is my idea any good?
  • Am I the person to write it?
  • Will people want to read it?

Over 80 percent of people who want to write a book never do. We don’t want you to fall into that category, but first, we need to know if your plan is viable. We provide an honest, professional evaluation of your book idea.

To get started, fill out this short questionnaire.

Mix & Match – Ten Hours of Custom Publishing Services

One of our most popular packages. 

Mix & match for ultimate flexibility. This is an excellent option if you are not quite sure which service best suits your needs but you know you want professional guidance. Perhaps you are planning on going the DIY route and are in search of guidance regarding editing, production, or marketing.

This is a no-risk package because you can apply these ten hours to any service we provide. If your book requires less than ten hours of editing or production work, we will refund whatever time remains in your package.


10 hours for an investment of $990

Author Accelerator Program

The best place to start building is from the ground up. That’s why we’ve created the six-week Author Accelerator Program. Your outline is like the sturdy foundation of a building. We’ll start by digging deep into your intentions for writing the book, what information you want to impart, and what takeaways you want to leave your readers with as they turn the last page. This outline will serve as a road map to guide you as you write your book.

Through weekly coaching calls and exercises, you’ll receive a detailed book outline, a blueprint for the structure of your book, and an action plan to ensure a finished manuscript that matches your vision and sells!


Investment: $935

Manuscript Assessment

Receive a professional, comprehensive review of your manuscript that answers over twenty vital questions about whether or not your book is ready for publication.

These questions include:

  • Is the content organized in a logical manner?
  • Does it provide all the necessary information, or are there “holes” in the material?
  • Is the writing clear and accessible, or is it at times verbose and obscure?
  • Is the writing style interesting and engaging?

You can expect a detailed report from a professional editor that examines the structure, content, and writing style of your manuscript along with a marked-up copy of your work.


Investment: $935

Cover Design and Book Layout

We start by working with you to create a simple brief so we understand your cover and interior design needs. Your project will be professionally managed to ensure a flawless product. The most important elements of the cover include the image, title, subtitle, testimonials, back-cover headline, benefit copy, author bio, cover color, cover design, and spine treatment.

Most people will see your cover image at 90 x 177 pixels many times before they explore the option to buy. Your book cover will shine from a minuscule scale to high-resolution print. The award-winning designers at Daily House know their stuff and will assure your cover stands out and wins sales no matter how it is displayed.

Your book cover design will be delivered as production-ready files that you can hand off to a printer or e-book publisher.

With this package, in addition to the cover, you receive beautifully formatted and easy-to-read layouts for both print and electronic distribution. Files are provided in PDF, INDD, ePub, and Mobi. Attention to typography and special details will make your book shine!


Investment starting at $1095

Bestseller Book Launch (Amazon Select Program)

This managed program takes you from unpublished manuscript to #1 on multiple Amazon Best Seller Lists in three weeks. You get file uploads and quality assurance, launch branding, recruitment of your launch team through emails and social media, daily launch group management, coaching and scripts for videos, your choice of book promotion (giveaway or countdown), and analytics.

Your investment includes:

  • Book launch management
  • Recruitment of your launch team
  • Author copy kit (blurb, bio, back cover copy, ad copy, testimonials, and more)
  • Advance Reader Copy (ARC) creation and distribution
  • Uploads to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and KDP Print (Uploads to B&N and Apple will be completed after the 90-day Amazon Select promotions.)
  • Amazon Author Central page setup
  • Daily engagement-marketing across social networks including behind-the-scenes, polls, live streams, and Q&A’s
  • Quality assurance
  • The Amazon promo of your choice
  • Launch rally
  • Recommendations for ongoing marketing and multiple revenue streams

Investment: $4395

Profitable Publishing Package

Writing a book is an investment—an investment in you, your business, and your future! Adding the title “author” to your bio automatically boosts your credibility, helping others recognize you as an expert and influencer. Your book becomes part of your platform and personal brand. Our professional team of coaches, editors, and designers guide you through the writing and publishing process. You do the writing and we’ll do the rest. You will have a high-quality book in your hands that generates additional revenue streams and leaves a lasting impact on your readers.

Your investment includes:

  • Detailed book outline
  • Project management
  • Book coaching
  • Developmental edit
  • Copy edit
  • Proofreading
  • Cover design (print and eBook)
  • Interior design and layout for print
  • ISBN, barcode, and copyright registration
  • eBook conversion and setup
  • Book copy (blurb, bio, ad copy, testimonials, and more)
  • Uploads to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books (Amazon Select promotion are recommended prior to extended distribution)
  • Print On Demand (POD) setup
  • Quality assurance for print and eBook
  • Recommendations for online marketing and multiple revenue streams
  • 25 copies of your printed book

Daily House’s team of editorial, production, and marketing experts will evaluate your project, send you a custom assessment, and a next-steps plan. To get started, fill out our short questionnaire.


Get your custom estimate.

Self-Publishing Support

Beyond these packages, we offer many custom services including the following:

  • Developmental editing/book coaching (phone or video conferencing calls) – $99/hour (purchase in ten-hour bundles)
  • Weekly business coaching – $99/hour
  • Recommendations for online marketing and revenue streams – $249 (90-minutes + report)
  • Copy editing – $45/hour
  • Proofreading – $35/hour
  • Book cover design – ranging from $500 – $1500
  • Interior layout for print – $4 per page
  • eBook layout and conversion – $249
  • Non-fiction book proposal creation – $1995
  • Author’s copy kit (book description, your bio, ad copy, endorsements, and more) – $595
  • Book launch – $2495 (if combined with Profitable Publishing) 
  • Amazon upload, quality assurance, and author central setup  – $99 per hour
  • Social media management – $495 per month for one platform, add $199 per month for each additional platform. YouTube management upon request.
  • Ghostwriting (no credit) – quote upon request