Case Study: Lemonade Stand

    “It was a pleasure to work with Daily House on the writing and publication of my first book, The Lemonade Stand. We went from concept to launch within a very short window. Being a newbie in the publishing world, it was essential for me to have someone guide me through the complicated process. Their suggestions were always spot on and their encouragement kept me going. Thank you, Daily House, for helping me realize my lifelong goal.”

    Michelle Faust

    Bestselling Author and Founder of Lemonade Legend

    The Client

    Michelle Faust wanted to share her story of perseverance with the victims of workplace discrimination. She wrote a powerful essay but wondered how to publish it in a way that would reach the people who desperately needed to hear her message. Michelle realized that she could combine forces with the women in her personal and professional network who had a common history of overcoming seemingly insurmountable tragedies. She reached out to Daily House to compile these stories into an anthology.

    The Book

    Inspired by the series “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” The Lemonade Stand offers its own twist to the concept by sharing real stories of courage and vulnerability. The contributors are each unique with stories ranging from surviving stage-four cancer to being sentenced to prison for white-collar crime. No matter how harrowing the ordeal, the commonality of the lemonade stories is that health, joy, and success do return and are waiting on the other side of calamity.

    The Solution
    Not only were the authors of The Lemonade Stand chosen for their inspirational stories, but also for their exemplary influence. The goal of the lemonade ladies is to give what they needed in their own darkest hours — community, friendship, kindness and hope. For journalists, radio/tv personalities, bloggers, and other media outlets, these nineteen distinct experiences delivered by expert speakers and writers are a wealth of material for lifestyle publications and broadcasts.
    The Opportunities

    Through Daily House’s guidance and management, Michelle launched her book to thousands of fans. Each woman featured in The Lemonade Stand used her social media platform and business network to cross-promote the book which amplified the book’s visibility multiple times. The original group of authors has endured as the community of Lemonade Legend, Michelle’s new publishing company.

    As a Daily House client, Michelle:

    • Became an Amazon Bestseller
    • Has started compiling her second anthology in The Lemonade Stand series
    • Earns over a $1000 in passive income each month from the sale of her first book
    • Was a keynote speaker at HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Conference in Las Vegas
    • Runs popular storytelling workshops in Phoenix

    Our Bestselling Books

    Case Study: You Do What?

    “Thank you, Daily House, for consistently pushing and helping me on my journey. From branding to social media, I have had to rethink the way I do things and forge a new way of marketing myself. I am blessed to have a team who believes in me and wants to see me succeed. Yes, I’m a hard worker and will do what’s required, but I also realize that reaching #1 in 6 categories on Amazon could not have been possible without my team!

    Jae Davis

    Author of You Do What? The Ultimate Experiential Marketing Guide

    The Client

    Prior to joining the Experiential Marketing industry, Jae Davis was a fashion model and a Division-I basketball player.  After college, Jae realized that the typical American dream was not her dream. Her weekend side-hustle as a brand ambassador for companies such as Cadillac and Coca-Cola quickly became her passion and a full-time pursuit. Jae applied the skills she learned at events to  move up the ranks from brand ambassador to national tour manager and finally, to bestselling author and  experiential marketing consultant. Jae reached out to Daily House to create her author brand and expand her platform.

    The Book

    Jae’s no-nonsense career guide offers readers step-by-step instructions on how to join the fast-growing but often misunderstood field of experiential marketing. Her book takes readers on a whirlwind tour of her exciting (and sometimes crazy) career path. You Do What? is a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to execute events for some of the top brands.

    The Solution

    Jae needed to expand her platform and monetize her first book. Using Daily House’s Bestseller Book Launch method, Jae converted her book launch team into a thriving Facebook group called the EXP Elite. Her 2000+ members look to her for career advice, job opportunities, and training. Daily House transformed Jae’s book into a profitable online course and a popular YouTube channel. Since working with Daily House, Jae has become a top influencer in her field and is sought after by Fortune 500 companies as an experiential marketing tour consultant and staffing expert.

    The Opportunities

    As a Daily House client, Jae:

    • Became an Amazon Bestseller
    • Is releasing her second book, Tour Life, in 2020
    • Earns passive income from online courses and book sales
    • Released an apparel line for experiential marketing professionals
    • Has a thriving and engaged group of super fans
    • Is the go-to expert in her field

    More Testimonials

    Corrine Casanova, sincere and sensitive, has been instrumental in the development and content editing of my work. Her guidance in the publishing world, and her helping me navigate the twists and turns, made me feel like someone absolutely had my back.

    Ross Rosenberg
    Co-dependency expert and author of The Human Magnet Syndrome

    Writing a book was challenging, and it’s something I recommend to everyone. It was a huge growth experience that I don’t believe would have happened without Daily House. Their team of experts to help with proofreading, interior design and cover design. The end result surpassed my wildest dreams!

    Lauren Holder
    Author of Why Not Now

    Looking back, now 20 years gone and 10 books written since we first worked together, I think of you not only as an editor, but also as a teacher and guide. I remember learning “how to be concise” from you way back in the late 1990’s when you edited my early work for Hazelden.  

    Robert Weiss PhD, MSW
    Seeking Integrity LLC, CEO

    Case Study: Contagious Love

    “I highly recommend Daily House! They took the creative mess in my mind and strategically placed it in a cohesive, structured book outline. But the best part is they worked with my ideas and never tried to direct my creativity one way or the other.”

    Carla Romo

    Relationship Counselor and Author of Contagious Love

    The Client

    Author Carla Romo is a speaker and a certified dating and relationship coach. At age 24, she hit her rock bottom with yet another toxic codependent relationship. But, this time, she got up and learned how to break free from codependency for damn good. Inspired by her own self-growth journey, she took lemons and made lemonade. Today she is helping other women who feel stuck and stagnant build purpose in their dating life, break-ups, and relationships.

    The Book

    In this gentle but perfect kick in the butt book, author and dating & relationship coach, Carla Romo, dishes out 12 chapters full of inspiring personal stories, relatable client stories, and go-to advice, with an occasional f-bomb. All this knowledge accompanied with a formula for breaking free from codependent relationships for helping you to:

    • Build successful intimate relationships
    • Communicate like a boss
    • Spot red flags in a relationship
    • Create relationship boundaries
    • Cultivate contagious self love

    By the end of this book you’ll have easy but powerful AF action steps so you can break free from codependency for damn good.

    The Solution

    Carla was looking through old journal entries from 2017 when she saw that she had created an intention to write a book. When she set the goal, she had felt like something was missing. As a relationship counselor and a dating coach, Carla knew she could offer more to women beyond helping them with breakups or creating online dating profiles. She decided that she was going to get her book done, but she needed help to do it. She created a new due date and hired Corrine to coach her. Together, Corrine and Carla created a schedule and an outline—it was a game-changer. Corrine didn’t let her off the hook. Carla wrote her book in airports, in empty apartments, and across timezones—it was an outlet and a constant for her in turbulent times. Carla met her goal and completed her book in three months.

    The Opportunities
    As a Daily House client, Carla:

    • Launched Contagious Love at a celebrity-studded live event in Los Angeles
    • Earns passive income from online courses and book sales
    • Booked a national speaking and book tour
    • Has doubled her coaching business

    Praise for Editorial

    Corrine coaches with both kindness and the necessary feedback a writer must have.  She’s truly an author’s asset!

    Kelly McDaniel, LPC

    Author of Ready to Heal

    I had NO idea the volume of work and emotion it would take to get this written. I am so grateful to you for pushing me, pointing things out, pushing me some more, and making me the best version of my writing self.

    Jenn Taylor

    Motivational Speaker and author of Hello, My Name is...Warrior Princess

    Corrine is one of the best editors I know and has tons of experience in publishing.  She is such a breath of fresh air in an industry that can be hard to navigate.  

    Lauri Erickson

    Founder of DEPTH Speakers