The proverb “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” can feel disingenuous when facing misfortune, tragedy or even everyday challenges of life. It is the type of platitude we hear from a well-wisher that doesn’t know what to say. Yet, it is these little sweetnesses, the chicken soups and lemonades of life, that pull us through. 

    This anthology contains the common truths of how we overcome obstacles. These are our shared stories of facing life’s lemons with relentless gratitude and a vision more powerful than fear.

    You are invited to add your voice to the choir of those who have found both achievement and peace through an unyielding passion for life.


















    Michelle’s Story

    I was born with a severe hearing loss. My childhood was an uphill road paved with doubt. Sometimes with self-doubt or the doubt of others. Refusing to let my hearing impairment hold me back, I chose the toughest, most competitive career I could find—pharmaceutical sales. After 20 years of proving myself as a top-performing representative, I was laid off unexpectedly. It was brutal.

    My self-doubt returned. But, instead of retreating, I reinvented myself with something that fed my soul. As a marketing strategist and podcast host, my community grew into a circle of inspiring, amazing, and courageous women.

    Join the Lemonade Stand Book Project to add your voice to these stories of fearless attitudes.


    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

    Edward Everett Hale

    Why would I want to have my story in a collection of women’s stories?

    In a sentence—together we are better. While each woman’s story in this compilation is powerful in its own right, it becomes more powerful when it’s in a book alongside other women’s incredible stories.

    In addition:

    • Being recognized as a best selling author boosts your authority and credibility and positions you as an expert and influencer in your field
    • Add author to your credentials
    • An opportunity to share your story with your followers
    • You can expect higher speaker fees when you are recognized as a bestselling author
    • You can use the ebook version as a lead magnet for your business
    • The book becomes part of your platform and personal brand
    • Publishing a book is a big investment, by contributing to a collection of stories, it becomes much more economical to do so
    • It’s an opportunity to get your “feet wet” in the world of publishing
    • Each woman featured in the book has been hand selected and has a social media platform allowing you to cross-promote the book and in turn your business.

    Will I receive royalties on sales of the book?

    As a contributor, you will not receive royalties on individual sales of the book purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple books, etc. Michelle Faust will receive these royalties as the compiler of the book. However, we anticipate that the majority of our sales will come through sales channels through individual authors. You can purchase the book at cost and sell it for the list price at events or through your website.

    What monetary investment would this require?

    If selected, the buy-in for each contributor is $975.

    When is the book expected to be published?

    The timeline will vary depending on when we reach our goal of contributors, however, we estimate the book will be published in early 2020.

    Where does the money go?

    Writing a book is an investment—an investment in you, your business, and your future. Typically, we charge about $16,000 – $20,000 to publish a book. Your $975 contributes to this cost. It includes the following:

    • Project management
    • Book coaching
    • Developmental edit
    • Copy edit
    • Proofreading
    • Cover design (print and eBook)
    • Interior design and layout for print
    • ISBN, barcode, and copyright registration
    • eBook conversion and setup
    • Book copy (blurb, bio, ad copy, testimonials, and more)
    • Uploads to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books (Amazon Select promotion are recommended prior to extended distribution)
    • Print On Demand (POD) setup
    • Quality assurance for print and eBook

    What is expected of me as an author?

    We’d like you to share your story in 3,500 words or less.

    How long does it typically take to write a story?

    For some, it takes a couple of weeks to craft their story, for others, it’s a weekend. No matter what, realize what you are submitting is a first draft and will be reviewed by a professional editor. It doesn’t need to be perfect! An editor’s job is to work with you to create an incredible story that others will not only want to read but will inspire them.

    What happens if I get writer’s block?

    You have access to a book coach to help you unblock the writer’s block during the writing process.

    I’m not a very good writer, but I’m a great speaker. Can you work with me?

    Yes, if you are more comfortable sharing your story in audio form, we can transcribe your story into the written word.

    What does the process look like?

    You fill out the questionnaire, compiler Michelle Faust reviews with Daily House to determine if you’d be a good fit for the project. Submit your story keeping in mind the author guidelines of 3,500 words along with a professional headshot photo. Your story will be submitted to our editor who will work with you individually to ensure your story is compelling and fits in with the mission of the book as well is error free. There will be some back and forth prior to you approving the final version of your story.

    By publishing through Daily House, does mean it is self-published?

    Yes, this book will be self-published. Daily House provides all the services needed to produce a book and it will be published as a Daily House book.

    Is there a way to meet the other contributors to the book prior to publication?

    Yes, we will create a Facebook page so contributing authors can get to know each other prior to the book launch. It’s a great way to connect with other powerful women business leaders and entrepreneurs too. In addition, we can cross-promote the book before it’s actually published.


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