How The Daily House Process Works

Our unique 7-step process.

Step 1: Validate Your Idea

Request your free book assessment. Once your project has been green-lighted, we schedule your strategy session. This is not a sales call. We work with a limited amount of clients.

Step 2: Meet Your Team

Based on where you are with the development of your book, we assemble your team. You meet your coach, and we further define your plan of action.

Step 3: Editorial

We either review or create your book outline. This document is where your book enters our editing process. If you opt for the course package, this will also be the basis for your online course curriculum. Your book will go through multiple passes in editing until it is flawless.

Step 4: Repurposing

Our marketing team extracts outstanding quotes and excerpts from your book. Repurposing begins as we remake your book’s content into blogs, tweets, video scripts, social media posts, emails, blurbs, pitches, and much more.

Step 5:  Production & Creative

Our creative team of book designers, cover artists, illustrators, and art directors bring your book to life. Here is where all the pieces come together, and your book blasts off. We handle all the details to ensure a polished and perfect product.

Step 6: Bestseller Book Launch

We take you to  #1 on multiple Amazon Best Seller Lists in three weeks. You get file uploads and quality assurance, launch branding, recruitment of your launch team through emails and social media, daily launch group management, coaching and scripts for videos, your choice of book promotions, and analytics.

Step 7: We Make Your Book Profitable!

Here’s where Daily House goes far beyond other publishers. Our goal is to make your book work for your business and your bottom line. We take you beyond the book and guide you to grow your business with courses, digital products, speaking tours, and more. Your financial and creative success is our mission.