Corrine’s Story

    I have been fascinated with people’s stories ever since I can remember. Sharing stories is one of the big reasons I chose to pursue a Journalism degree in college. My passion for books started early. I was that kid who went to the Bookmobile (a portable library on wheels) and came home with a stack of books to read each week. I love books because they transport us somewhere else without us ever having to leave the comfort of our homes.

    I have spent nearly 20 years helping authors write books. I’ve held editing and management positions with traditional book publishers and am also skilled at self-publishing. There are incredible opportunities for authors who self-publish, and I am happy to guide my clients along that path. I specialize in non-fiction and helping entrepreneurs share and monetize their knowledge.

    My Writing/Editing Experience

    I specialize in business, self-help and health/wellness.

    • Acquisitions and Developmental Book Editor, Hazelden Publishing, 1998-2007

    • International Diabetes Center Publishing, 2007-2009

    • Gentle Path Press, 2011-2017

    • Content Coordinator, Best Version Media, 2016-2019

    • Managing Editor/Chief Writer, BizNEVADA magazine, 2018

    When I’m not helping authors craft their next bestseller, I enjoy being active outdoors. There’s nothing better than stepping outside your door and being welcomed by rays of bright sunshine and fresh mountain air. I enjoy running, hiking and skiing. I’m better at some of these sports than others, but for me, it’s all about being with like-minded people who don’t mind having a little fun. When you hire us, expect to have fun incorporated right into the project.

    How Corrine and Kitty Met

    Kitty and Corrine met through pure serendipity. Kitty had recently moved to the Reno area and contacted Corrine via LinkedIn. Kitty wanted to join the content team at the business magazine Corrine managed. Even with no budget for freelancers, Corrine set up a Zoom conference call. Eventually, the conversation turned to Corrine and Kitty’s mutual love of books. It was a match made in heaven as their skill sets complemented each other perfectly. Soon, Daily House was born.

    Kitty’s Story

    Starting an online business can feel like swimming against a digital riptide. You know your business ideas will solve problems and can help many people, yet you struggle to differentiate yourself as a leader in your field. You know that visibility and trust are key to financial freedom, but how do you get your unique message heard above all the noise?

    I have been a serial entrepreneur for nearly two decades and have founded and operated many diverse and successful companies, both online and off.

    My Entrepreneurial Experience 

    • Pop-Up Yoga, SF, 2002
    • 12 Galaxies Nightclub, SF, 2004
    • Pyros of the Caribbean Traveling Circus, Virgin Islands, 2008
    • What To Do -VI, Virgin Islands, 2015
    • Daily House Publishing, Reno, 2017

    Each time I started a new company, it became harder to get noticed and reach new customers. The competition in the digital and social marketing space became more and more ferocious with each passing year!

    In September of 2017, just as my travel blog exploded with over 240,000 readers and profitable partnerships, hurricanes Irma and Maria destroyed 90% of the buildings on the island where I lived, including my home. My family and I picked up the pieces and moved to Reno to be near family.

    Ever the problem solver and business starter, I founded Daily House Publishing to help people like me write, publish, and earn a full-time income from books and related services. Through helping people write books and become leaders in their own fields, we became prolific content producers and influencers in our industry: direct publishing. Let us show you our secrets through our signature profitable publishing methods.

    Case Study: Contagious Love

    “I highly recommend Daily House! They took the creative mess in my mind and strategically placed it in a cohesive, structured book outline. But the best part is they worked with my ideas and never tried to direct my creativity one way or the other.”

    Carla Romo

    Relationship Counselor and Author of Contagious Love