It’s About You: How To Write Your Author Bio

    What makes you so special?

    No snark intended … the query is posed to get you thinking about how to write your author bio. It's All About You

    You’ve written your book with your ideal readers in mind. However, those readers probably don’t know you yet. Unless your surname is Rowling, Grisham, or some other name in the current news cycle, you need to tell your readers why you’re the one who needed to write this book.

    A Celebrity’s Bio

    Your bio is all about you, the author, and an author’s bio is a celebrity’s bio. Don’t dismiss that last statement. Imagine you’re writing your bio from a press agent’s perspective.

    Before you get started, though, forget about any other bios you’ve written before. Don’t be tempted to copy and paste from your college admissions application, your résumé, or your social media profile. Even if this isn’t your first book, it’s not the same book you wrote previously.

    Start from scratch, and ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Why are you an interesting person who will attract readers, and what is your connection to the subject of your book?

     2. What is your writing experience? What awards have you won? What notable publications have you contributed to?

    3. List all of your appearances on TV, radio, YouTube, and other video or podcast platforms, as well as all your experiences speaking at events or to the press. Highlight anything t hat proves you can present yourself with confidence and clarity.

    4. Think of anything else that’s relevant — job and personal experiences, volunteer experience, etc.

    Now, go back through your list and highlight all the things that you can “spin” to relate to the topic of your book.


    Writing Your Bio

    Now it’s time to write the most exciting, contagious, thrilling biography of your life. Don’t be afraid to embellish (don’t lie, exactly, just use your writerly powers of creativity). This is the one bio where you’re encouraged to brag and name-drop.

    In this age of short attention spans, your bio needn’t be too long. Open with a hook, as always, then segue into why you’re an authority on the topic of your book. Write three paragraphs or so, and you’re done.

    Don’t forget to have someone proofread your bio. Every piece of writing deserves at least a second pair of eyes. If you don’t have someone you trust to proofread your work, there are solutions online, such as

    Click below for a free worksheet you can download to help you write your author bio.

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