Choose the Right Social Media For Your Book

    Social media is a powerful tool for marketing your book. It’s technology’s answer to “word of mouth.” With the number of platforms and networks growing all the time, it can be confusing to choose the right social media platform for your book.

    The first thing to know is not to cast a wide net. Trying to use all the networks and platforms will quickly spread your message thin. Honestly, nobody has time to hit them all.

    How does social media help my book?

    Social media offers a variety of ways to find your audience and engage with them. And we’re not talking only about Facebook or Twitter.

    Here’s a partial rundown of the types of social media, with examples:Choose the right social media for your book

    • Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
    • Blog sharing (Medium, Tumblr, Bloglovin)
    • Video sharing (YouTube)
    • Image sharing (Instagram, Pinterest)
    • Podcasts (SoundCloud, iTunes)

    How do I choose?

    So how many channels do you choose, and which ones?

    It’s recommended that you start with three social media platforms, at the most, and use them in your order of preference.

    Your first choice should be a platform you are familiar with and enjoy using. Where do you spend most of your screen time? You will enjoy creating content for a platform you already use, and you’ll have a better idea of how members communicate and how to engage them. Leverage what you know and apply it to marketing.

    Your second choice should be one that fits with your author brand. Is your brand more visual, social, or story-driven?

    Finally, your third choice should match your book’s genre. Here are some examples:

    • Business: LinkedIn
    • Cookbooks, decorating, fashion: Pinterest, Instagram
    • Novels: podcasts, Goodreads
    • Influencer or celebrity: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
    • Charisma: YouTube, podcasts

    How do I make the best use of social media?

    Social media is best used for audience engagement, not for long-form content or comprehensive solutions. Some ways you can use it include:

    • Short posts on specific topics
    • Quizzes
    • Q&A
    • Live video
    • Contests
    • Polls
    • Tips & tricks
    • Curating content from others in your genre

    You can schedule your posts around topics, highlight superfans, funnel your audience into your book, feature any classes you are offering, etc.

    Finally, be sure to under-promise and over-deliver.

    Daily House has created a worksheet to help you decide which social media to use — and how to use it — in promoting your book. You can get your free download here.

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