Your Book is the Breakthrough That Makes Social Media Marketing Easy

    daily house direct publishing packagesBook repurposing is a revolutionary method for content creation. When you repurpose your book, you create a bank of unique, business-relevant content to share across social media and other online channels.

    I get so excited when I tell people about how business books on hot topics can be broken down into smaller pieces that become website copy, blogs, features, emails, social posts, video scripts, podcasts, and more.

    My excitement is palpable when I close in on my point that the reverse is also true. Online content that you’ve already shared can become content for your book that eloquently communicates who you are and what makes your business special.

    This back and forth method of testing ideas on audiences ensures that what you are writing is engaging, entertaining, and makes sense. If no one likes what you’re saying online, they are not going to like it better in a book. Conversely, if your book is self-centered and confusing, broadcasting that same content digitally isn’t going to improve the message.

    Content Marketing Breakthrough

    Profitable PublishingHowever, Daily House’s breakthrough solution of repurposing book content is meaningless if you don’t see the problem. This wisdom occurred to me while explaining our method to a potential client. All my talk of meta-repurposing, split testing, and reciprocating had this poor man’s eyes glazed over with a combination of boredom and panic. I realized that what I was so excited about was almost completely lost in translation because he had zero online presence and had never attempted to pursue one.

    The elegant content marketing solution I offered made no difference to him because he had not been bludgeoned to death with the challenge of finding an online audience and converting leads into customers over social media and website opt-ins. That a chapter from his future book could be blogged or that a blog could be turned into a chapter meant close to nothing.

    I was pitching to a man who didn’t understand the need for a digital marketing content solution. Unless I could convince him that he needed a platform and that it was critical to the financial success of his book and business, then ultimately, he was not going to understand the need for easy access to relevant and engaging content.

    But you know it’s important! 

    Make Books Profitable

    Daily House has two primary areas of operation—publishing and profitability. What the publishing department does is easy to grasp; we edit and design high-quality books. But what the profitability (digital marketing and product development) department does is what makes Daily House revolutionary! Book profitability and revenue diversification is what makes us different.

    Here’s how we do it:

    We Define Your Unique Value Proposition

    Even if you’re writing fiction (and occasionally we do take a fiction client) your story and voice must be unique. Your specialness and quality is your unique selling point (USP) or unique value proposition (UVP).

    If you’re teaching a business tactic, strategy, or method through a book and your content, you must offer a NEW solution to a painful business problem. That, or you need to provide the most interesting, understandable, and best information on a subject.

    “Books are products and products meet needs.”

    When we assess your book idea, we scrutinize if your idea fills a void in the readers’ lives.

    We Create Your Book’s Brand

    Again, just like with any other product, your book’s brand must communicate what solution you provide. The cover, blurb, book/author website, social media branding, video content, and more need to let your potential readers know exactly what they are getting.

    Maybe your book is the best dystopian sci-fi epic on the market, or maybe you’re delivering a clear and easy-to-follow plan on how to scale a business from a handful of founders to a thriving 100+ employee company.

    In your mind, picture what the books I described above look like. Are these visual brands different? Hell, yeah they are! How about the copy or related marketing content? Again, different genres have very, very different branding. You need to create the best branding of its type.

    We Test Your Method and Message

    Now that we know who you’re talking to and what you are telling them, it’s time to test everything! Make no assumptions.

    Think you’ve come up with the best book title, ever? Your audience might think the title is laughable or a poor metaphor.

    Think your book cover is an award winner? It may be, but if it communicates that your book is a sci-fi novel when you’ve written a business book, that award goes in the garbage.

    Ready to share your revolutionary business method with your peeps? If you don’t test your ideas with your audience first, you won’t know if what you have to say is confusing or unreproducible until it’s too late.

    You must test your book brand and messaging before you publish!

    We do this through repurposing your ideas into blogs, tweets, video scripts, social media posts, emails, blurbs, pitches, and finally, a bestselling book.

    Outlining and Editing

    With your brand and vetted ideas in place, we build the sturdy foundation of your bestseller. This outline will serve as a road map to guide you as you write your book. Through weekly coaching calls and exercises, you’ll receive a detailed book outline, a blueprint for the structure of your book, and an action plan to ensure a finished manuscript that matches your vision and sells.

    Digital Product Diversification

    Direct Book PublishingOur goal is to make your book work for you and your bottom line. We take you beyond the book and guide you to grow your business with courses, digital products, speaking tours, and more. Your financial and creative success is our mission.

    At Daily House, we deliver the care and guidance that you expect from a traditional publisher but without the loss of royalties or artistic control.

    Your personal book team includes coaches, editors, and production and marketing geniuses that are dedicated to leveraging the latest best practices in engagement, marketing, and sales conversion.

    We take you beyond the book and guide you to grow your business and profits with courses, digital products, speaking tours, and more. Your investment in your book includes a publishing experience that produces ROI and measurable business results.

    Do you have a great idea for a book or a manuscript in development, but you don’t know the best way to turn it into a bestseller?

    Daily House’s team of editorial, production, and marketing experts will evaluate your project, send you a complimentary custom assessment, and a next-steps plan. To get started, fill out our short questionnaire

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