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    Daily House specializes in digital marketing, editing, and book production for serious authors and small businesses. Our services begin with book and eLearning publishing but stretch far beyond into branding and business development across multiple digital platforms. A package with us might include a lead generating website, conversion email marketing, social media branding, and online course development along with book development and design, editing, and full-service publishing.

    Our author platforms are an immersive digital media experience. We build online worlds for fans and customers to explore, interact with, relate to, and get results from. Daily House is founded on the principle of rapid implementation of new media. As the online market changes, we adapt quickly and adopt best-of-breed platforms to give our clients the winning advantage.

    We are committed to the financial success of authors and entrepreneurs. Our mission is to build audiences and convert followers into loyal repeat customers.

    Catherine Turner Author Writer

    Get Ready to Make Money

    One of my mentors (I followed him in the late 90s) went into the field of personal coaching. He contacted me last year and gave me a session. When he told me to take care of my material needs, including setting a goal for a six-figure income, I didn’t believe what he asked was possible. Now I realize that he contacted me because he knew I was ready to make a major shift and release money aversions and blocks. Only then, he told me, would I have the base to help people, including myself. He was right!

    You can unblock the flow of money and find financial freedom through writing and authorship. Daily House will guide you there.

    Contact us to schedule a free consultation at hello@dailyhouse.media.